Hello, and welcome to The Empowered Author. Now that you’ve found the site, let me run you through how to get the most out of it. The four main areas of the site are:

I write a lot of blog posts and am lucky enough to know a huge number of publishing experts who generously share insight on the blog too. These four posts will get you started, but if you are further along your career already, then go straight to latest posts, here.

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Find out about author associations and societies

Writing is a solitary pursuit, creating and joining as many support networks as possible is a great idea. There are lots of author associations and societies that you can join and benefit from - events, social activity, discounts, professional support and much more. I will add to this list, but a few of the associations have explained what they offer.


Find book bloggers, booktubers and influencers to work with

Book bloggers, booktubers and bookstagrammers are an army of book-lovers busily talking about our books to their audiences. They have a huge amount of credibility with book-lovers, so are very valuable contacts for you to build. Find them here:

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These are the top 20 book influencers as chosen by book-lovers on Twitter.

You can search for book bloggers who review in your genre, review self-publishing books & more.


Instagram is the perfect place for book-lovers. Check out these 24 bookstagrammers.

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Here are my favourite 8 booktubers sharing their love of books on YouTube.


Learn from these podcasts

Another thing I put a lot of my effort into is finding and highlighting great advice and content from around the web. There are quite a few resources that I trust for valuable ideas, tips and insight and I’ve group them together in posts below.

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Learn about marketing and publishing.

The best podcasts for writers.

Podcasts for book-lovers.



One of the best ways to learn about the different elements of book marketing is to look at more experienced authors. It is perfectly acceptable to adapt ideas to suit you, your books and your readers - no need to reinvent the wheel.

5 author newsletters I love

Authors who are brilliant at Twitter

13 great author websites


Pick your level


One of the things I’m very excited about is the expert programme that I have lined up over the next few months. Get your questions ready for these rockstar authors, agents, publishers and marketing experts and get these dates in your diary.

As you’ll see these Q&As fall into a few categories - Literary Agents, Authors, Marketing Experts, Influencers and Publicists. If you click through to the expert Q&As you will see that some of them are member-only, but most of them will be open to all authors. Newsletter subscribers will hear about them first, so make sure you’re signed up.


Irresepctive of which publishing route you have taken, or indeed where you’re at in your writing career, you will probably need to find companies and individuals to support you. I recommend everyone in my supplier listing beause of the quality of their work.

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Cover designers

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Marketing Experts

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Writing services


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