I absolutely love speaking at events (especially if they happen to be in lovely cities around the world ;-). I speak regularly at publishing industry events, universities and writer summits. I talk about publishing strategies, building audiences, big-thinking marketing, using social media, how to hustle into publishing and any similar topics. In the last year, I was:-

- A speaker at The Breakthrough Festival for authors

- A speaker at Writer’s Day at The Literary Consultancy

- A speaker at the Independent Publishers’ Guild’s summer conference

- The keynote at the conference at the Sao Paulo Book Fair.

- The keynote at the Basque Writer's Conference.

- A speaker at the Ullstein's digital conference in Berlin.

- A speaker at the Bonnier Germany CEO retreat.

- A speaker at Writer's Digest & London Book Fair's Writer's Summit.

- A speaker at the Sandbox Summit for senior music marketing execs.

- A speaker at the Romantic Novelist's Association annual event.

- A lecturer at University College London MA Publishing course.

I do charge for speaking gigs, but this will vary dependent on your event, location and audience.

You can contact me here with speaking opportunities. sam@theempoweredauthor.com

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