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Hello, my name is Sam Missingham and welcome to The Empowered Author. I have created this website to offer authors a one-stop-shop for book marketing, publicity and design advice, ideas and support. My aim is to give you tried and tested book marketing tips, case studies, expert insight and more. Plus help you navigate publishing a little too. 

The Empowered Author will support you if you are traditionally published, hybrid or an indie author and whatever stage you’re at in your career. There is a lot to learn! I link to resources and experts that I trust, so you should be able to find your answers, advice and guidance. I feel very passionate about supporting authors, making publishing more accessible and inclusive.

But who am I to give you advice? I am an award-winning book marketer, international speaker, journalist, blogger and founder of Lounge Books, a home for book-lovers. I was Head of Audience Development at HarperCollins UK where I ran large-scale marketing campaigns. Previous to that I was Head of Events & Marketing at The Bookseller. More about me here.

I've worked with some fabulous authors and they've said some very kind things about me here.

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A good place to start is my free newsletter, which includes practical book marketing and publicity tips, ideas and advice. I’ve also created a ‘25 Book Marketing Ideas’ booklet which includes examples from established authors in audience building, pre-order campaigns, email marketing, your author newsletter and website, social media and more.

This booklet is free when you subscribe. So, do that first and you’ll get 25 ideas you can implement straight away.


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