Authors, not sure where to start with book marketing? Start here.

Welcome. If you're an author starting out and aren't sure where to put your efforts, money and time to market your book most effectively, this post is for you. These posts should give you a good understanding of what is needed, what you can get started with straightaway and help you put together a plan for your activity. I have linked to blog posts on this site and on other trusted resources. If you have any questions about book marketing, The Empowered Author or any of the posts you read here, then do comment at the bottom.

1. What can I do before my book publishes?

You do not need to wait to have your book published to start getting your house in order. During this time you can get yourself into a strong position. You'll need some basics, this is often called your Author Platform, this includes your website, your Amazon presence, social media accounts and your author newsletter.

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Elements of your author platform

a. What makes a great author website?

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b. How do I use social media?

Social media is a relatively easy way to start connecting with readers, bloggers, agents and booksellers. You do not need to have a presence on every social media platform, that is unrealistic. Concentrate your efforts on 2 or 3 that suit you and your readers best.

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c. How do I maximise my Amazon presence?

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2. How do I create a great cover for my book?

If you are designing your own cover, I encourage you to spend a lot of time getting this right. Your cover must work hard for you, it must reflect the quality of your book and should entice people to choose your book. This is the number one mistake I see indie authors making - poorly designed covers. If you can hire a professional cover designer, then I highly recommend you do.

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3. What should I prepare for my book launch?

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a. Should I organise a book blog tour?

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b. How do I get press coverage?

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4. What should I spend my marketing budget on?

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a. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

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b. Facebook ads

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c. BookBub and other ebook offer emails

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Book Marketing resources I recommend

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