Neil Gower

About me –  Fascinated by the infinite possibility and nuance of how word and image combine – how they complement, invigorate, heighten each other - I have been distilling ideas into paint and ink for longer than I can remember.

effective Cover Design   

Effective cover design should work on two levels: it needs immediate impact – leaping off the shelf into the reader/buyer’s eye – but also some depth. The latter is important because a reader develops a unique relationship with each book: every time he/she returns to the book that bond is forged afresh, tempered by the ongoing engagement with the narrative. To this end, it is good to incorporate elements that only reveal/explain themselves gradually, along with the plot.     

What to avoid?

Generally the first ideas that come into your head.

Four covers you designed that best represent you

Lounge Marketing - Book - Swift House
Lounge Marketing - Book - Bill Bryson
Lounge Marketing - Book - Lord of the Flies
Lounge Marketing - Book - Fiona Melrose

How I work with authors  

I do enjoy a dialogue with an authors about the design, but it is vital that the manuscript itself provides the initial key to a cover, as that, ultimately, represents what the reader will experience.


(with slight British reluctance to disclose) In a perfect world from £1000 per cover, but in reality anything if it is a project I want to be involved in.


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