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Welcome! Thank you for making your way to my sponsorship page. I’m hoping many of you may know me already from Twitter, or perhaps our paths have crossed while I was at HarperCollins or The Bookseller. I have been running The Empowered Author, formerly Lounge Marketing, for about 18 months. I launched it to offer authors marketing, publicity and design advice and to demystify publishing, which can be very difficult to navigate.

I have a lot of very strong views about the book business, which I express openly on Twitter. There is much to admire and feel good about across the industry, not least that we entertain, educated and inform people with the amazing books we publish. However, I do think there are many areas of publishing that need to improve and change - we need to call out literary snobbery, poor pay for booksellers, the pay gap, how London-centric the business is, how overwhelmingly white and middle-class and that it can be a very inaccessible for marginilised communities and writers.

This is something I feel passionately about and try to support any way I can - speaking at writer events, sharing and supporting initiatives and mentoring writers and publishing folk who really need the support. I hope that I am mostly a force for good in the industry.

I don’t think I exactly fit the mould of a book publisher; I am working class Bristolian from a family of shopkeepers, I was brought up by my Mum on her own, and had a few pretty hard times as a child. Not quite sure how, but I turned out to be quite a swot and and weirdly good at Maths!! I was the first woman in the family to go to university where I got a (totally useless) degree in Maths & Russian :) I then got into publishing - initially in magazines and then books.

I talk very openly about my mental health struggles too, which I hope plays a part in removing the stigma around it. All of my life experiences make me appreciate and understand how incredibly hard life can be. I am very aware that many people start much further back with many closed doors ahead of them. If I get a chance to open a door for anyone then I will try my hardest to do so. I realise that I am now in a position of influence with a lot of connections - so why not use that privileged position for good?

I am hoping that you might fancy supporting my programmes for writers from marginilised backgrounds and maybe help open a door or two for them.

The first programme gives writers with a low income, authors from BAME background, and/or single parents a membership to The Empowered Author for a year (worth £100).

I am also working on a mentoring programme for writers with disabilities, which I hope to pull together by January 2020.

As you can see I have set up 3 different tier support/sponsorships. (If you’d rather support me with a different amount, my paypal email is s.missingham@btinternet.com)

Your support would be massively appreciated by me.

If you like, I am very happy to add your name/logo to my sponsorship page too.

With my huge thanks,

Sam x