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Keith Mansfield - author collectives and how they can work

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Keith is a member of The Prime Writers, a collective of authors who published their first book over the age of 40. He has written three children’s novels for Quercus and scripted several shows for ITV. He hopes to be able to announce his latest book by Wednesday – it’s tantalisingly close but contract negotiations remain ongoing.

He is also a publisher, having most recently been an editor for science books at Oxford University Press; Mansfield was previously computing publisher for Pearson and the book editor for the British Film Institute. He is in the process of setting up Herschel Books, a new publishing house with a mission to accelerate humanity’s transition to becoming a multiplanetary species by publishing inspirational science and science fiction titles.

A mathematical physicist by education, he lives in London, though most people think he’s on another planet. 

Join Keith at 8pm on Wednesday to find out how author collectives work and how to get the most out of collaborating with other authors.

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