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My name is Sam Missingham and I set up Lounge Marketing to support authors and empower them to market and sell their books. I have been working in the book industry for nearly 10 years, recently at HarperCollins and before that at The Bookseller. During these years, a huge digital transformation has happened across the book business - ebooks have been adopted widely and Kindles, iPads and mobile phones have impacted how and where people can read. Social media is now part of every day life enabling us all to interact with each other 24 hours a day.

Most significantly for authors, self publishing platforms have democratised who can publish, find readers and sell books. The process has opened up completely and the opportunities for authors are endless. Many authors have taken complete control of their writing careers and manage every element. Wherever you're at with your writing career, whether you're pursuing an indie or traditionally published route, I believe you can put yourself in a strong position for success.

This is where Lounge Marketing can help - specifically effective marketing & PR techniques to empower you to sell your books. (You can find out here how Lounge Marketing membership works for authors).

I am incredibly passionate about the book industry and try to play my part in ensuring it is inclusive, diverse and accessible. We all know we have a long way to go for that to be the case. I have been a single parent for 15 years and come from a working class background and am aware of the many challenges of both. This is why I'd like to support authors who aren't represented well across the book business.

So, I'd like to offer 30 Free Author Memberships to Lounge Marketing;

  • 10 Free Author Memberships to single parents
  • 10 Free Author Memberships to writers of colour
  • 10 Free Author Memberships to working-class writers

If you'd like to apply for this, the process is very simple, complete the form below and tell me a little about you and where you're at in your writing career. Or perhaps you'd like to put a friend forward for this? The only criteria I have is that you can benefit from Lounge Marketing to support your writing career. If you are unsure whether to go for this or not, then please DO.

I'd like to move quickly on this, so I'm going to keep this offer open until Wednesday February 28th & I will choose 30 authors by the end of March. I look forward to hearing from you.

Sponsor an author

If you would like to sponsor an author with a year-long Lounge Marketing membership and enable me to continue this scheme of giving writers of colour, single parents and working class writers support with their writing careers, then you can here. It costs £100 and will support an author for a whole year. With my HUGE THANKS.


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