Do you have a burning question about marketing and selling your book(s)?

I am sure you'll have all kinds of questions along the way.

  • What should I have on my author website?
  • Which social media should I focus on?
  • How do I build my email list?
  • Which keywords should I use?
  • How does advertising on Amazon work?
  • Should I do paid-for advertising on Facebook?
  • How do I connect with book bloggers?
  • How can I sell my backlist?
  • How can I improve the blurb on my book?
  • Which marketing assets can I create myself?
  • What marketing should I expect from my publisher?

Lounge Marketing is here to help. Tell us your question and we'll pick as many as we can to answer. We'll then post the question and answer on the blog so everyone can benefit.

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