Vyki Hendy Design

Vyki Hendy

I have been designing books in a freelance capacity since 2016. Before that I worked for Waterstones for 7 years, so I know what sells and what doesn't.

Website:    http://www.vykihendy.com

Talk us through the services you offer.

I will happily take on any genre. I can also provide marketing material, such as posters, flyers and website banners.

Tell us a little about your clients.

My clients thus far have been self-published authors.

Roughly how much do you charge?

£400-£500 (including marketing materials).

Examples of your work

Love Story For Bewildered Girls final-01.jpg
The Bees Kaleidoscope-01.jpg

How can authors/publishers find you?

You can find me on Twitter @PaintbrushMania, on Instagram @paintbrush_mania and at www.vykihendy.com

Do you have an email address potential clients can contact you on?


Any additional information we should know about you?

I am the Design Editor for Spine Magazine.