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Niall Slater

I’m a software engineer and web developer by day and an author at all other times. I’ve been coding for over a decade, and spent my first five years out of university working at the Society of Authors, so I have a particular fixation on two things: making sure authors have decent websites, and making sure they don’t get ripped off in the process. I’m also a hobbyist game developer and grizzled, long-time Twitter user.

Talk us through the services you offer

I build and redesign small, specialised websites for authors and artists in a range of price bands. Sometimes it’s updating the look and feel of an existing site, sometimes it’s designing and building a blog or static page from scratch. I can also help register a domain name, and I handle hosting for my clients too.

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Tell us a little about your clients

I’ve worked with QI elves, gossip columnists and gritty crime novelists. My clients tend to be creators who don’t necessarily have the budget (or time) to go all out on a massive sprawling web presence, but understand that they need a professional-looking online home to build discoverability and strengthen their career.

Roughly how much do you charge?

Every contract is different, but they tend towards £120-£150 for a small, fast, static site. The more complex the requirements (such as an attached blog, or big subsections, or strange technical wizardry) the higher the cost - up to about £360-£400 for fancier or more expansive sites.

How can authors/publishers find you?

I’m on twitter at @Niall_Slater, and you can poke around my various projects on

Do you have an email address potential clients can contact you on?

Any additional information we should know about you?

At time of writing (March 2019) I’m still building my portfolio for author sites, so I’m keeping my prices as low as possible - now’s the time to take advantage!

You can view samples of my work at